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A Pretty Little Bonnet

My Momma made for me

There's an Easter Parade in Town

And Everyone Will See


Made with Lace and Ribbons

And Lots of Loving Care

Sprinkled with a dash of Love

From My Momma Dear


She told me I would be the Prettiest

That's just what she said

Then she smiled Her special smile

As Momma placed it on My head


I Love My Easter Bonnet

That My Momma  Made for me

I will Always remember that Easter Parade

Where Everyone did see


Now as I Unwrap it, safely tucked away

In My box of treasured memories

I never forget that Day...


Of that  Pretty Little Bonnet

My Momma made for me

Gently placed Upon My Head

Made with love so tenderly

By: Pam Gallo / 2007


Happy Easter Everyone

Page Created By Pam Gallo

Made for You with....



Easter Parade By RoseMary Clooney







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