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Path to God

Path to God, Worn by Love
Sandra Lewis Pringle
I stepped into a garden,
which was filled with beauty rare;
In it, I saw a glimpse of Heaven,
as I was standing there.
"Lord!", I called in earnest,
"Tell me true!"
"How do I reach that land,
so that I might walk by You?"
"Well," He said, in tenderness,
"There are several things one must do."
And then, He began to ponder and meditate,
as He began to mention a few.
"Do you recall that thirsty woman,
who needed only a drink?
And do you recall the sunset,
needing to be shared,
with was filled with hues of gold and pink?"
"And, do you recall those long hours,
in which you labored freely for a friend,
knowing that if you hadn't,
they might not be able to visit again?"
"And do you recall the walk,
which required both Hope and Faith?
And how, once, that many prayers were spoken,
you still had to wait?"
"And do you recall the times,
when often discouraged yourself,
you reached out your hand,
to comfort someone else?"
"These are only a few of the things,
that, towards Heaven, a person can trod;
But the path is always worn by Love,
which leads a child to God!"
Sandra Lewis Pringle
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