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By:  Ross H. L. Bowen

I was just a boy when I left home
Only seventeen years old.
I was goin' to the mountains
To try and find my pot o' gold.

Working in the store each evening,
It helped to pay for meat and bread
I never called to tell how I was doin'
I guess my mother thought I could be dead.

The Conductor shouted, "ALL ABOARD,"
I was finally on my way.
Goin' to see the girl who gave me life
When I was born that winter day.

I was worried 'bout her feelings,
What my mother thought of me --
But when we rolled into the station,
I saw a ribbon tied to every tree.

Take a Message to My Mother
I'll be comin' home again
Tell her I'll be leavin' Denver
Leavin' on the evenin' train.

If you worry 'bout your Mother dear
As I am sure that you will do.
Find yourself a lovin' woman,
The kind who'll always be true.

As years go by, I'm sure that you will do
Will have a family of kids.
But keep in contact with your Mother dear
And let her know just how you did.

By:  Ross H. L. Bowen

c. 1989


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