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Recipes for Heroin

Now, make up a caustic solution of about 200ml of water. This is done by slowly adding NaOH to the solution until it has a pH balance of 12 (use cheap pH strips). Then add 30ml of it to the codeine/water mix and then add 50ml of chloroform and shake and allow the heavier solvent to sink to the bottom. Then you must separate off the chloroform layer by using a siphon (use an eyedropper if you need to), then wash the remanding solution again with 30ml of chloroform and once again remove it. Now you must separate all the water from the solvent and I mean every last drop. All of the water must be out, and you can pipette it or use a separator of some kind (like a flask with a tap, so you shut it off when the water gets close to running through). Then evaporate off the chloroform with a pot filled with simmering water in it. Just have a plate sitting on top of the pot and slowly tip in solution and watch white crystalline codeine base appear as the chloroform reduces out by dryness.

Tips: You want white codeine not brown and always use glass; its easier to clean.

Next step producing Morphine from Codeine:
Now, you need to then measure out about 3 grams of pyridine HCL for approximately one and a half grams of codeine and melt it in a long boiling tube (or big test-tube). Then when melted, place in the codeine and it all must dissolve and be able to swish around. Then immediately plug the tube with a tightly rolled paper napkin. It will turn different colors and it will be hard to tell when it's cooked, but let it take about 5 minutes or when the temperature hits around 230 Celsius and then it will be done, and it will stick to the sides of the tube when ready. Then tip all of it into a clean beaker with 100ml of water. Then tip some water back into the now cooler test-tube and rinse all of it out into the beaker. Next add caustic solution drop by drop till you get to pH 14 (take about 3ml of the solution stated above). You will need some pH papers. Now wash the solution with chloroform say 40ml shake well and allow to settle or centrifuge (spin), pipette off the top aqueous layer. Then drop the pH to 9 and shine a light through it; you'll see it thicken with this brown mud like shit. Don't go past 9, add one or two small drops once you hit 9 and filter that crap out. The beat way is to use a vacuum filter with really good filter paper. Now, check the pH you want it to go no lower than 7.5 (using HCL spirits of salts and hydrochloric acid) while it gets to 8pH start rubbing the sides of the beaker with a glass rod or handle of a wooden spoon right in the liquid at the water level rub hard on the beaker glass and morphine will seed in clouds off crystals, then filter them out and dry high above an heating element on a metal spoon (leave the dope on the filter paper and dry it then it is easy to get off it flakes off in chunks).
Note: These crystalline codeine particles can be taken orally (under your tongue for faster results) or mixed in a drink, if you wish not to convert it into heroin.

Now, Converting your Morphine into street quality Heroin (diacetylmorphine)Procedure:
First, place some of your converted morphine into a metal spoon and add acetic anhydride and then cover with a piece of aluminum foil and bake in the oven at around 80 degrees Celsius, for at least 1 hour. Then uncover and turn the oven off. Allow the last of the acetic anhydride to sweat off the substance. Then place the remaining substance in the refrigerator. When the substance is cold, you can move it to a burner (torch lighter) and just heat till you think its at about at least 80 degree's and sniff a couple inches above it. It shouldnt sting your nose, if it does just heat it lightly some more until the smell goes away. Voila! Now the final product is street quality heroin. Ready to either be taken or sold.


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