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      Welcome. You are here because you choose to end that whichever or whoever placed the stone in your heart and rend in your soul. You donít care who we are, nor should you. Neither do we concern ourselves with who you are. Nor should you concern yourself with being traced via your connection to the Internet, as many different people may have access to the ISP account of one individual.

      Our purpose is not to judge. Our purpose is to help - to heal. To end that which makes life the unhappy experience it is for so many. For too many. Our reward is not monetary. You will not be asked to supply your credit card account number. It is a far less vulgar return that we enjoy for our efforts. That reward, dear client, is the systematic reaping of joy that ensues from the sowing of seeds of compassion, tolerance and understanding. Ours is the agriculture of happiness, the harvesting of complete, total serenity and contentment for all of us. Yes, you can call us farmers. And our gardens, our fields, comprise the entire world. This Earth, upon which if everyone were happy, would be the paradise it was meant to be.

      All you need do to help us achieve our Eden, our Avalon, the earthly paradise that will be home for us all, is type in the name of that, or whom, which is the one that prevents you from being happy.

That is all. The stone in your heart will powder. The rend in your soul will close without a single scar.