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Prevention of Childhood Obesity

Parents need to know how to prevent their children from becoming another statistic of our unhealthy society. There are many ways in which childhood obesity can be prevented all together for some children. Weight-loss is not easy and the individual needs all the support he/she can get from family members and other important people in that child’s life.

The American Obesity Association believes “weight control programs that involve both parents and the child have shown improvement in long-term effectiveness compared to directing the program only to the child.”

Maintaining a well balanced diet is essential for children who reach for the Twinkies instead of the nutritious vitamin filled carrots. Today’s youth needs to become familiar with reading labels on food containers and getting to know what they are putting in their bodies.

Also, in teaching children early they will pass these good habits into adulthood and hopefully onto their future children. Educating children about what is healthy vs. what is not could help save their problems.

The American Obesity Association also recommends taking steps towards controlling your food intake.

These steps include, “taking smaller bits, chewing food longer, and to avoid eating too quickly by putting the utensil down between bites.” Even these little steps can help you avoid over eating, which many of Americans do daily.

Knowing how to eat right is only half the battle to shedding pounds and beating obesity. You need to exert physical activity and lead an active lifestyle. With today’s technology children are just sitting at home in front of a television or either on the computer for hours upon hours during the day exerting no physical activity and not maintaining a healthy active lifestyle in turn leading to becoming over weight.

Knowing what to do if your child becomes overweight is only half the battle we need to stop this reoccurring health issue for our future and help the ones in the present. We should look towards a healthy future and in return lead a healthy active lifestyle for our communities as well.

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