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Greenwich Village, NYC
Nightlife Tours to Jazz & Blues Clubs

New York City Tours of JAZZ & BLUES Clubs
Come on out & have some FUN!!!!!
Hear ALL That Jazz & Blues 2
Join "the" interactive FUN walking tour of New York.
Hear 3 live bands at 3 clubs.
New York City escorted excursions that specialize in GREENWICH VILLAGE at night, NYC, New York, USA JAZZ clubs & BLUES clubs & more.

Every night experience, enjoy, see, & hear 3 LIVE BANDS AT 3 CLUBS for a FUN night out in New York City.

"Are you a blues fan or a music junkie or do you just want to learn your way around some of the city's best music venues? Hear 3 acts at 3 hot clubs with Jerry the music buff." WHERE MAGAZINE

Hear great music from NYC, New York, New Jersey, & NATIONAL bands.
Join our NEW YORK CITY TOURS for a BIG APPLE night on the town you will remember with a smile.
The music clubs we go to do change. WE have been to over 75 clubs throughout Manhattan, NYC. The clubs & bands change all the time.
We are known all over the world for our selection of NYC Jazz clubs, NYC Blues clubs, & NYC bands.

June 2006 Events
Every night Hear, See, & Experience 3 live bands at 3 clubs.
TOURS, WALKS, WALKING TOURS, CLUB CRAWLS, PUB CRAWLS, & or EXCURSIONS: (call it what you will) Join the least expensive escort in NYC for the most FUN.
***************NEW************* Dance clubs coming soon *********************
FRIDAYS & SATURDAYS: It's Jazz & Blues, & Blues or Rock. Call the # that day for details.
Sundays BLUES, Jazz, & more Blues
Wednesdays Jazz, Blues, & Funk or Blues
$20 per person includes admission to ALL clubs (usually that on your own) and your born in New York City escort.
You must buy 1 beverage (about $5-6 each) at each club.

The clubs & venues we have taken our "friends" to (Some of the clubs are gone but not forgotten): CHICAGO BLUES, Greatest Bar On Earth at the WTC, Rock & Roll Cafe, Mondo Cane, Dan Lynch, Coney Island High, Louisiana Community Bar & Grill, Savoy lounge, West Village Saloon & over 60 others around Manhattan.
Call (1-212) 696-6617
10am - 8 PM that day for meeting place & to RSVP
Got questions? want information? want group rates? E-mail:
SUB:"JAZZ"(so we know it's not junk mail) at least 3 days before the night(s) you want to go out. "Sometimes emails don't get delivered SO if you don't get a timely reply please resend
Groups of 10-20 & even 40 people can be accommodated with 1 week or more notice.
RAVES & REVIEWS "Walking tours abound in the city that never sleeps.How many of them have to do with music? A lot? None? All I know is that there is a walking tour for everything. COOL CAT CLUB CRAWLS, however, shouldn't be considered a walking tour as much as a guided excursion. You're going to learn new things- that isn't the question. Instead of walking along and looking at buildings or monuments however, this tour is as interactive as possible. It's tailor-made for music lovers- especially those fond of the Blues and Jazz. Cool Cat Club Crawl's guide, Jerry Rose is informative and knowledgeable about all his subjects- music, clubs, their history in the city, etc. He knows where to go,who's playing, and maybe most importantly, who's good. Who's good becomes the central question because live music has a tendency to be one or the other. We're not saying there's a lot of bad live music to be seen in New York- there probably is- but when you're in the mood for really good music, Jerry is the guy to call. For $20 he'll take you to 3 various clubs- the Crawl's price basically takes care of the cover charges- where you'll see whatever is on the menu for the night. ...It's really a good time. ..." - Cityhitsnewyork
"Every weekend, Jerry Rose, leads a series of crawls. Each one visits a different type of music venue. Tonight hear Jazz, Blues & Stand Up Comedy" -Time Out New York Magazine
"Had a great time. Real music with real people" "Best tour in NYC thank you" "My best night in the U.S.A." Would you believe "Best night of my life" TRUE but he was only in his early 20's & then there was "Best night in two years" but he was in his early 30's
WE have been doing New York City, New York live music walking tours for Jazz & Blues in NYC since 1996 & are still enjoying the music after over 2000 nights & 6000 performances.
Last updated June 2, 2006

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