Mixed Up Work

    The other stuff we couldn't fit anywhere else.

    14 Miles
The crew has to walk fourteen miles to find a runaway bride trying to escape the law.

    24 Hours
Miho is cheating on Andi. Everyone is suspicious.

    Air Ship
The TZA crew takes a trip through the skies on Pat's air ship.

    Backpacking Trip
Noizchild tours the whole world and visits the staff members at their homes.

    Backwoods Baby
Kinsey on her life in Baton Rouge with her family and Miranda.

    Bad Blood
Crab-san's speech leaves a bad taste in everyone's mouth.

    Beach Field Trip
The academy goes on a field trip to the beach.

    Beach Vacation
The TZA crew goes to the beach for the summer.

    Black Key
After a few date setbacks, Dwight finally hooks up with the nurse, Mina.

    Brain Sour
A nice long hot day in classroom is no day at all!

    Camera Mission
Brooke and Katie lost Sarah's camera. Now it's a chase to get it back.

Just a cheesy story.

    Coffin Up Trouble
The TZA boys get four coffins and don't know what to do with them.

    Cultural Festival
The Tokyo-Zion Academy are having their annual dinner in the Lion Hall.

    Drill Boss
Nobu arrives to take position of the men section of the staff. He is a cruel beast Nazi to our guys. So most of them try to hook Nobu up with a woman.

    Field Trip
The academy takes a field trip to San Diego. On the way, they all tell different stories.

    Gender Switch
Everyone has switched genders.

    Girls' Night Out
The Tokyo-Zion female academy staff goes out for the night.

Our dumb little daily lives.

    Halloween Party
Halloween at Tokyo-Zion Academy.

    Heartbreak Attack
A hate spell has caused every female to turn against their lovers.

    Home for the Summer
Noizchild is on American soil for the summer.

    Home Tours
Tours of our homelands.

    Italy Japan
Diamond gets into Noizchild's body for a little test.

    Kuro Matrix
Young kids are mysteriously disappearing without a trace. Who is causing this?

    Life of Billy
The legend of the (un) fortunate Billy Hall.

    Lilly Day
The goofiness of the guest for the butter flower.

    Lion Hall Dinner
The Tokyo-Zion Academy are having their annual dinner in the Lion Hall.

    Love Monkey
Dwight tries really hard to impress Olivia.

    Model Saga
Glam, beauty, charm, it's all the same.

    My Goddess
The female species of the academy on their ego-filled days.

    New Years Eve/Christmas Trip
The students and staff of Tokyo-Zion Academy are going to spend their New Years Eve home countries and states.

    The Oracle
A collection of nine stories about the Oracle.

    Party at the Island in the Sky
Pat invites Noiz and co. to his mansion, Island in the Sky, in Okinawa for a weekend party.

More to "Grapes".

    Run Arounds
Lina, Erin, Katie, Brooke, and Jowise are running around the campus while spying.

    Sister Visit
Noizchild visits her sister for spring break.

    Sleep to Dream
If you break up with your ex, make sure they don't go physco and start giving you pure hell.

    Snow Dayz
Snow days at TZA can be so insane....

    Star Sun Bull
For those in the military and ROTC, the star sun ball is like the military ball.

    Summer Lock Down
Thanks to an epidemic outbreak, Tokyo-Zion academy and all of the schools in the district are on lock down and can't go home.

    Summer Punks
A group of thugs steal Candy-Chan's stuffed monkey. The Monet sisters go to get it back.

    Summer Switch
The staff switches home countries for the summer.

    Summer Trips
Follow Noizchild as she goes and visits her students and staff over the summer.

    Sweet Alexis
Alexis has many lives and indetities, but yet... she doesn't remember any of them.

    Ten Thousand Miles in the Wrong Direction
Life with your sisters, cousins, friends, and students can be tedious and endless.

    Thousand Miles Away from Home
Some of the kids get lost and can't find their way back to the school.

    Time Project
Noizchild assigns the students to a time-consuming project.

    USA Trip
Noiz, Naoko, Chris, and Bemmer go on a long trip to the Us. (And destroy it along the way!)

    Walk with Me
Dai and Kate take a walk together.

    Washington DC Trip
The staff goes to DC in the spring.

    Wife Trip
Margaret and Patricia plot a road trip for the wives of the Tokyo-Zion Academy staff. They snag Noiz along for company.

    Yard Sale
Patricia tries to sale the staff and students' property without their permission. But when they see it...

    Storm Day
Everyone The TZA campus is shut down because of the typhoon.

    Snow Dayz II
Snow days make people crazy, again!

    Platinum Silver
Silver Mariana 2084. Women own the land. They can commit poligamy. Men are used as workers and boytoys. Women are getting their over-due respect.

    The Best
The best of the first two years.

A murder investigation leads a female police officer to an old school bully.

    Love Hangover
Just random little stories about firsts and corrupting the innocent. Random anime as well.



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