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Im A Towner 4 Life

All About Me!!!!!!!!!!

My friends call me Nissa. Im a loveable person and im very kind.At times I can be nice but if you get on bad side I can get very mean and rude.I love to shop and hang out with my goons on the weekend.Also I love kids and when I grow up im going to be a nurse working with babies.I attend the most boring school ever.


I love me some some hello kitty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My best friend god knows I love this gurl I don't know what I will do without her!!!!!!!!!!!!

My dawg starlene a.k.a star star I love her Brianna

My big sista Dee_Dee I love her Calvina aka Red

I hate sponge bob I think he is gay but my lil brother amard aka marty love him so i had to represent sponge bob on my page for my baby brother.


My myspace is

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