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Our jelly bean
Our jelly bean
Our jelly bean is on the way to us but you can´t be here with us! That is truly sad and I wished it wasn´t like that! But at least I want you to always know how your little one is growing. I am 13 weeks pregnant by now and my tummy starts growing. My mom will take a picture of me every sunday so you can see how I am changing! I will also put the jelly bean - pictures in this photoalbum. Your little one is waiting for you to come over so it can listen to your voice!
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June 6 th! 
On June 5 th my test result was positive - pregnant! Whohoooooo On June 6 th I had my first doctors appointment and he gave me the first picture of the little one! ( Even you can not really see anything) But it is there. :-)