Tulasi Hex Incense

Tulasi Hex Incense-Available Scents:

$3 Per Box - 6 Packs of 20 Sticks

African Musk Floral Peach
Almond Frank & Myrrh Peppermint
Aloe Vera Frankincense Poison
Amber Green Apple Red Rose
Aphrodisia Honey Rosemary
Arabian Musk Jasmine Sage
Cannabis Lavender Sanalwood
Chandan Lemongrass Strawberry
Cherry Lily Of the Valley Sun
China Musk Magnolia Vanilla
Cinnamon Moon Variety Pack (Agarwood, Cannabis, Vanilla)
Citronella Myrrh Variety Pack (Aloe Vera, Lavender, Frankincense)
Clove Musk Variety Pack (Patchouli, Opium, Musk)
Coconut Nag Champa Violet
Dewberry Night Queen White Musk
Egyptian Musk Opium White Rose
Eucalyptus Orange Ylang Ylang
Firdaus Patchouli Green Tea

Tulasi Hex Aromatherapy:

($3 Per Box, 6 Packs of 20 Sticks)

Energizing Meditation Refreshing
Relaxing Sensuality Stress Relief

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