Tiger Bone

Tiger Bone Drink

A Powerful Herbal Tonic

Zion Organic's Tiger Bone contains herbs that have been associated with love potions and sexuality for thousands of years! These herbs enhance libido, boost sexual vigor, performance stamina and heighten sexual excitement for both males and females. The formula in this tonic will stimulate gland hormone activities, increase body energy that helps improve blood supply, nerve stimulation and glandular activity.

Better Sex naturally emerges from a healthier body and mind. If there are psychological or stress related problems impending sexuality (Up to 80% of sexual dysfunction is of mental or emotinal origin), our tonic drinks can hep over come them by turning the attention to love making and stimulating short term energy against impotence or frigidity. For the 20% of psychological factors causing sexual problems , the most common are diabetes, the use of certain prescriptions and poor circulation. Aging is not a cause of impotence or lack of libido for either male or female. Normal sexual function requires healthy organs and balance glands to produce necessary sex hormones. The herbs found in Tiger Bone help to establish a superior body balance by working through the glands, and they are uniquely qualified to help combat disorders associated with sexual function.

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