Shea Moisture

Shea Moisture Collection:

Exfoliating Black Soap
$57 Doz
Body Wash $57 Doz
Lotion $57 Doz (8oz)
$96 Doz (16oz)
Shampoo $57 Doz
Leave in Conditioner
$57 Doz
Hair Serum $48 Doz
Body Oil $48 Doz
Herbal Pomade $48 Doz
2oz Shea Butter $48 Doz
4oz Shea Butter $69 Doz
4oz Shea Butter Body Creme
$60 Doz

Shea Moisture Organic Collection:

Organic Baby Line $9.99 each

Oil Rub
Wash & Shampoo
Shea Butter

Shea Moisture Organic 8oz Bar Soaps $42 Doz

Shea Moisture Organic 8oz Massage, Bath & Body Oils $9.99ea

Pour into warm bath to create a fragrant spa bath. Gently rub into skin after shower or bath to restore moisture and protect against environmental stress. Warm gently in hands to use as a therapeutic massage oil.

Raw Shea & Argan
Olive & Green Tea
Lavender & Wild Orchid
Lemongrass & Ginger

Shea Moisture Organic 12oz Body Srcubs $9.99ea

Mix contents well. Apply a small amount to palm, massaging gently into skin using a circular motion, concentrating on rough, dry areas. As a hand treatment, rub palms together to create gentle warmth, massage gently into top of hands and cuticles. Rinse skin thoroughly with warm water and pat dry.

Argan Oil & Raw Shea Red Bush & Sage Olive & Green Tea Lavender & Wild Orchid Yucca & Baobab Lemongrass & Tea Tree

Shea Moisture Organic Hair Care Collection

Yucca & Baobab Line $9.99ea:

Shampoo 12oz
Conditioner 12oz
Mist 8oz
Thickening Growth Milk 8oz
Anti-Breakage Masque 12oz

Coconut & Hibiscus Line $9.99ea:

Shampoo 12oz
Hair Milk 12oz
Mist 8oz
Curling Souffle 12oz
Smoothie 12oz

African Black Soap Line $9.99ea:

Shampoo 12oz
Conditioner 12oz
Mist 4oz
Purification Masque 12oz

Raw Shea Butter Line $9.99ea:

Shampoo 12oz
Conditioner 12oz
Elixir 4oz
Deep Treatment Masque 12oz

Organic Shea Moisture Men's Line $11.99 each:

Tea Tree Herbal Bump Preventer
Shea Butter Shave Cream
Shave Facial Wash & Scrub
Three Butters Lotion
Three Butters Wash & Scrub

New Organic Shea Moisture Bodywashes $9.99 Each:

Coconut & Hibiscus
Raw Shea
African Black Soap

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