Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil:

Madina superior quality organic coconut oil is extracted from dried coconuts, also known as copra. The coconuts are cut and dried until the moisture content of the meat is minimized. The dried copra is then grated and expeller pressed to remove the oil. The oil is then refined to produce oil suitable for consumption. Coconut oil is exceptional oil for dry, itchy or sensitive skin. It will not clog pores and it absorbs readily into the skin. Coconut oil is a gift to the soap making industry because of its resistance to rancidity and its ability to make a hard bar of soap with fluffy lather. Organic coconut oil is light and non-greasy. It can be incorporated well into balms and stick formulations. Herbal hair infusions are often infused in coconut oil. Ingredients: Cocos nucifera (Coconut) Oil

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