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Jesse Moran's Ch1 Notes

All hardware input, output or storage devices require the following items to operate:


Most input/output devices reside outside of the computer these devices communicate with components inside through wireless or throw cables attached to the case at a connection called a port.


Keyboard it the primary input device of a computer and mouse

Monitor and printer are the two most popular output devices


Computer contained these devices inside the case:

  1. Motherboard
  2. Cpu
  3. Memory
  4. Hard Drive
  5. Cd Rom
  6. Floppy Drive
  7. Power Supply
  8. Cables
  9. Peripheral Devices

Circuit Board- component that holds microchips or integrate Circuits.


Cmos (complementary Metal oxide semiconductor)-use for setup or configuration for a pc


Computer Activity:


Wednesday, August 23, 2006~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Devices require these elements to operate:


Key board is the primary input devices of a computer the keyboard that are standard today are called enhanced keyboards and hold 104 keys.


A Mouse is a pointing device used o move a pointer on the screen and to make selections



The monitor is the visual device that displays the primary output of the computer.


The two most popular output devices are:

Most Computers Contain These Devices Inside the case :

A Circuit Board is a board that holds microchip or integrated circuits and the circuitry that connects theses chips


Expansion slots are a narrow slot on the motherboard where ah expansion card can be inserted. They connect to a bus on the motherboard.


Complementary metal-oxide semiconductor is the configuration and setup of a PC.


Two types of cables inside the case:



A device that is not installed directly on the motherboard is called a peripheral device


A Serial port is so named because data is transferred serially one bit at a time


·        A parallel port transmits data in parallel and is most often used by a printer

·        A 1394 port (fire wire) is used for high sped multimedia devices such as digital camcorders.

·        A USB port can be used by many different input/output device such as keyboards digital cameras etc…


  A had drive is a sealed