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13 Just.mp3 4.903.12.21 03:32:21RadioheadJust2003dublin 04-12-030:04:08160S44
15 The Gloaming.mp3 4.603.12.21 03:52:49RadioheadThe Gloaming2003dublin 04-12-030:03:51160S44
12 Creep.mp3 5.403.12.21 03:21:14RadioheadCreep2003dublin 04-12-030:04:31160S44
06 The Bends.mp3 5.303.12.21 02:01:06RadioheadThe Bends2003dublin 04-12-030:04:28160S44
17 There There.mp3 6.703.12.21 04:19:09RadioheadThere There2003dublin 04-12-030:05:35160S44
25 Everything In Its Right Place.mp311.503.12.21 06:25:54RadioheadEverything In Its Right Place2003dublin 04-12-030:09:35160S44
11 A Punch-up At A Wedding.mp3 6.703.12.21 03:09:07RadioheadA Punck-up At A Wedding2003dublin 04-12-030:05:38160S44
23 Karma Police.mp3 05:51:20RadioheadKarma Police2003dublin 04-12-030:04:21160S44
09 Go To Sleep.mp3 02:35:27RadioheadGo To Sleep2003dublin 04-12-030:04:16160S44
18 Pyramid Song.mp3 5.703.12.21 04:33:04RadioheadPyramid Song2003dublin 04-12-030:04:47160S44
07 Kid A.mp3 4.803.12.21 02:11:57RadioheadKid A2003dublin 04-12-030:04:01160S44
19 The National Anthem - Hunting Bea 6.903.12.21 04:49:24RadioheadThe National Anthem2003dublin 04-12-030:05:49160S44
16 Idioteque.mp3 04:04:13RadioheadIdioteque2003dublin 04-12-030:04:15160S44
02 Sit Down, Stand Up.mp3 01:11:00RadioheadSit Down. Stand Up2003dublin 04-12-030:04:16160S44
10 Paranoid Android.mp3 02:53:51RadioheadParanoid Android2003dublin 04-12-030:06:54160S44
04 Morning Bell.mp3 01:35:19RadioheadMorning Bell2003dublin 04-12-030:04:24160S44
14 You And Whose Army.mp3 4.403.12.21 03:42:22RadioheadYou And Whose Army?2003dublin 04-12-030:03:43160S44
21 How To Disappear Completely.mp3 9.703.12.21 05:21:50RadioheadHow To Disappear Completely2003dublin 04-12-030:08:05160S44
22 We Suck Young Blood.mp3 7.703.12.21 05:39:06RadioheadWe Suck Young Blood2003dublin 04-12-030:06:25160S44
24 Big Ideas.mp3 3.703.12.21 05:59:44RadioheadBig Ideas2003dublin 04-12-030:03:07160S44
05 Exit Music.mp3 5.903.12.21 01:48:58RadioheadExit Music2003dublin 04-12-030:04:59160S44
08 Sail To The Moon.mp3 02:23:42RadioheadSail To The Moon2003dublin 04-12-030:04:19160S44
03 Where I End And You Begin.mp3 5.503.12.21 01:23:24RadioheadWhere I End And You Begin2003dublin 04-12-030:04:36160S44
01 2+2=5.mp3 4.303.12.21 00:59:31Radiohead2+2=52003dublin 04-12-030:03:38160S44
20 A Wolf At The Door.mp3 04:59:57RadioheadA Wolf At The Door2003dublin 04-12-030:03:32160S44

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