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The New Avengers


Real name: Elektra Natchios
Occupation: Assassin
Identity: Not publicly known
Legal status: Defected to the United States from Greece
Place of birth: Unknown
Group affiliation: Formerly the Hand
Base of operations: Mobile
First appearance: DAREDEVIL (Vol. 1) #168

Height: 5 ft. 9 in.
Weight: 130 lbs.
Eyes: Blue-black
Hair: Black

Known superhuman powers: Although she possesses no superhuman abilities, Elektra is a consummate practitioner of the martial arts. She is a mistress of the skills of the ancient ninja of Japan, and an Olympic-level athlete and gymnast. Elektra wields a pair of three-pronged daggers called sais, though she also is proficient with, and makes use of, a multitude of martial-arts weaponry.