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About us
China KLS electronic co., ltd. is one of leading foreign trader of Electronic components in China, is a comprehensive trade enterprise with import and export of electronic products as well as other services.

The main business line of the company include importing and exporting of electronic, elements and products, processing with supplied materials, samples and blueprints, sales & purchase agents, Searching for customer non-standard goods amongst vast products data sheet.

KLS has been adhering to the principle of serving the customers with high-quality electronics products. By strengthening the operation and management and placing equal emphasis on marketing process, KLS has gained customers from USA, RUSSIA, UK, BRAZIL, SWEDEN ETC... We have professional earnest cooperation factories are ready anytime to supply stable-quality product, of which 80% of products have UL, CSA, VDE, and CE certificate for the market developing of our customer.

Each year we attended four to five Electronic exhibitions all over the world for introduce our competitive products to customer. With our assistant of good service and qualified products, our partener are fully enjoying the rapid progress.

FaMous exhibition we attended regularly:
Electronica Munich (Nov,15. once two year)

Electronica Hongkong (Dec,9-12, Once a year)
Welcome to our booth for further cooperation.

Our meMo is "Meet customers need with best price and best quality!"

You are searching for creditable and professional supplier to work with; we are also looking for sincerely and long-term customers. Once we find each other, we could make rapid progress together!

Products Showroom

KLS1-204 ( I.D.C SOCKET 2.54mm)

I.D.C SOCKET 2.54mm(0.10")
xx: 06-64pin
B: Black
G: Gray
L: Blue

Housing: 30% Glass filled PBT UL94V-0
Contacts: Brass or Phosphor Bronze
Plating: Selective gold plated: gold plated on mating area and nickel plated on wire cutting area
Gold plated: 3u" over 50u" nickel
Cable: 1.27mm (0.050") pitch flat cable
Electrical Characteristics:
Current Rating: I AMP
Insulator Resistance: 5000M Ohm min. at DC 500V
Contact Resistance: 20m Ohm max. at DC 100mA
Operating Temperature: -55oC~+105oC
* Optional polarizing key, polarizing bump.
* Optional strain relief.


Contact : Brass(CuZn)
(metal housing)
Terminal screw : Steel Galvanized and
chormatized of Nickel
plated or Tin plated
(Standard option)
Wire guard : Brass/Stainless steel
Suface of solder tail : Tin plated
Insulator body : Polyamide(Glass filled)
(housing) (UL94V-0)

Voltage rating : 250VAC
Current rating : 16Amps/way max.
Insulation resistance : 5000M ohm/1000V
Wire range : 14-22AWG
Operation temperature : -33oC to+120oC
Torque : 4kg-cm/M3
Satety apporval : UL CE

Value applying rated voltage(2048Hz,1/2 duty,square wave)
Value applying(2048Hz,Sine wave,measuring Current 60)
Rated Voltage(V)
Operating Voltage(V)
Rated Current( mA)
Coil Resistance (O)
Coil Impedance( O)
Sound Output at 10cm(dB)
Resonant Frequency(Hz)
Operating Temperature(oC)
Storage Temperature(oC)

3296 Cermet Trimmer

How To Order
EX: 3296W-103
3296: Model
W: Style
103: Resistance Code

KLS5-1003 Outer weld (Quick-acting)

RF1-10(RF2-10) Outer weld ?3.6x10
Glass Tube Fuse (Quick-acting)
50 amperes at 125V AC (100mA-15A)
50 amperes at 250V AC (100mA-15A)


Cap Color: Base Color:
R-Red W-White
G-Green B-Black
O-Orange G-Gray

Raiting: AC 125V 20A; AC 250V 15A;DC 12V 20A
Contact: R:35mOhm Max
Insulation: R:DC500V 100MOhm Min
Dielectric Strength:AC 1500V, 1Min
Operation Tempreture: -30/+30 oC
Electrical Life: 10,000 Cycle
boatlikesenes switches, illumian facet switches

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