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Ata Dahe Walauwa

- Ata Dahe Walawwa an Archaeological Monument -

The Ata Dahe Walawwa at Kataluwa in Habaraduwa DS area in Galle district which was declared a heritage site a couple of years ago is today in a dilapidated condition.

This Walawwa is about three centuries old. According to history it was set up by Lieutenant D.V. Ferdinandez. The Walawwa got the name Ata Dahe Walawwa since there were 8,000 coconut trees on the land where the Walawwa is situated.

This has also functioned as Court House to hear cases at Talpe Pattu in Galle district. The building has been set up on ancient architectural pattern. This historical Walawwa was declared a historical and archaeological monument by the Department of Archaeology. The present owners of the Walawwa are Don Justin Arthur Jayawardena and his wife.

The parapet wall of the Ata Dahe Walawwa was swept away in the tsunami. Sea debris still remain at the same place. Due to non maintenance of the Walawwa the roof and the walls remain in a dilapidated position. The kitchen of the Walawwa has been completely damaged.

It is the Galle branch of the Department of Archaeology that bears the responsibility of maintaining the Walawwa.

By Raja Waidyasekara
Daily News, 5 February 2007

Home > Attractions > Ata Dahe Walawwa

Entered April 12, 2007
Updated April 12, 2007
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