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Disclamer: Do not take anything from this site. This character is mine and all pictures belong to me. I paid money for them and if I find them else where with out my persmission....



Bodily marked= A birth mark, scar, etc that makes one easily identifiable. Pair of claw marks to the left eye. Glaring obvious. -4 disguise checks 3pts

Dependency= Your character takes care of (finanically/emotionally) some really close. Aunt/daughter/ward. Moon elf child, age 6 name:Illiam 2pts

Duty/Responsibility= Your character by regular and formal duty to a NPC or organization. This is not simply personal feelings of loyalty. Its a offical capacity, a commiment that must be met or consquences. 2pt

Insatiable Cursioty= Your character is compelled at every step of his life to peaked behind every closed door (metaphorically speaking) and unearth every secret possible. 2pts

Debt of Honor= Your character owns a debt to a powerful NPC and that is to be repaid threw services not goods or money. 3 services left (owes matron mother for her "kindess" 2pts)

Ostracism= Your character is fear, hated, and discriminiated against for something in his nature that he cannot change. Severe 4pts

Nemesis Villain= Minor antagonst, Chess'lyn (Lady Assassin) His adoptive cousin that is a fairly decent Priestess who enemies allways seem to fall dead. She taken a possesive ownership of Nath'vas and considers him her private plaything. 2pts

Greed-The lure of wealth has seem to drawn a curtain over your characters better judgement. Any chance to make money Has your character wetting his lips. 2pts


Scribe Scroll- create magical scrolls

Maximize spell- all numerical stats are maxed. 3 lvls higher

Energy Substitution- subs a elemtental energy with another chosen element. (Fire)

Lightning Reflexes- +2 on reflex saves

Great Fortitude- +2 on fortitude saves

Iron Will- +2 to will saves

Alertness- +2 to listen and Spot checks

Spell penetration- +2 in over comming Spell resistance

Greater Spell penetration- +2 in over comming spell resistance. Stacks with spell penetration

Craft Magical arms and armor-

Craft wand-

Forge Ring-

Craft Staff-

Extend spell- double spell duration 1 lvl higher

Silent Spell- Cast spells with somatic components 1lvl higher

Blooded- +2 iniative and spot checks. Cannot be shaken.

Weapon Finesse- replace str modifer with dex modifer for light or finesse weapons.

Quick Recovery- You revive more quickly after sex. You are ready to Perform sexually again after only 15 minutes of rest. You must rest for 30 minutes after attempting to sustain sex

Enlarge- double spells range +1 lvl

Heighten- Cast spells at heigher lvl, lvl increase to slot it would take up aka lvl 2 spell that becomes lvl 4 takes up to slots higher.

Praticed spell caster +4 to castor lvl

Unarmored Defense Focus [House Rule Version] PRE: Unarmored Defense Proficiency When unarmored and unencumbered, you gain a +2 Competence bonus to Armor Class. This bonus applies even against Touch attacks or when you are flat-footed. You lose this bonus if you are immobilized or helpless, when you wear any armor, when you carry a shield, or when you carry a medium or heavy load.

improved Innitative +4

Arcane Strike- add +2 and 1d6 of damage per level of spell sacirifced to next attack

Enervate Spell- add necro damage to spell. Does 50% more damage to living but only half against

constructs, undead, and objects. +2 lvl

Sexual Training- You have been educated and trained for endurance in sex. You gain a +2 bonus on Constitution checks to sustain sex. Perform (sexual techniques) is always a class skill for you.

Quicken spell- cast a spell as a free action. 4lvls higher

Enhanced casting lvl- you cast spells 1d4 levels higher in chosen school. (roll each time) Can be taken Mulitiuple times. Evocation.


Half Drow Traits Darkvision 90'

SR 9 +1/Character Level

+1 racial bonus on Will saves vs. spells and spell-like abilities

+1 racial bonus to saves against enchantment spells or effects

Immunity to Sleep spells and effects

Light Sensitivity- in sunlight or day light spell, only dazzled and not blinded. Spell-like abilities (Usable 2/day each as caster of 1/2 Character level)

Dancing Lights Darkness Faerie Fire

Detect Good

Detect Magic


Light Blindness

Immune to fire. Elemental Perfection.(Nathvas is a fire elemental. Gets all the abilities of a medium fire elemental)

Energy focus (fire) +2 to DC

Energy penetration (fire) +4

Immunity to stunning.

Immune to paralysis.

Immune to Poison.

Proficent will all simple weapons, Rapiers, Longswords, hand crossbows and light armor.

+1 to saves against divine spells, spell like, and Supernatural abilities.

Items Worn

ring of protection +2 (8,000 gp)

highly polish mirrior (for scrying, 1,000gp)

diamond dust (750gp worth)

ring of mind sheilding Immune to detect thoughts, discern lies and attempts to discern allighment (8,000 gp)

3 Immovable rods (15,000 gp)

alchemist lab (500gp)

Back pack (2gp)


2 water skins (1gp)

5 ounchs of ink (40gp)

master bandolier (1/2 gp)

Chest (2gp)

Spell Component pouch 8 (40 gp)

potion belt 6 (1 gp)

Slave half-drow (300 gp)

acid flask 5 (250 gp)

Alchemist fire 5(250 gp)

anti toxin 2 (100 gp)

Tangle foot 1 (50 gp)

Parchment (100 sheets) (10gp)

Book Cover (wooden, 20 gp)

House simple (1,000 gp)

Chess set (common, 2gp)

Thunderstone 3(90 gp)

Aritisan Outfits 2 (2gp)

Brazier, large, bronze 3 (90 gp)

Candle 12 hour 8 (4gp)

Masterwork Crossbow +1(335gp)

Bolts 40 (4gp)

Master Work Rapier +1(320gp)

Dagger of Venom +1 poison save dc 14. once a day. (8,302 gp)

Magic missle (3rd) caster lvl 5, shoots 3 missles, 30 charges (2,250 gp) subtotal 36,645.5

Amulet of natural armor +2 (8,000)

Bag of holding Type I (2,500 gp)

Glove of storing (10,000gp)20 pounds

Boots winged, fly 3 times a day for 5 minutes each time (16,000gp)

Cloack of Arachinda, ability to spider climb, immunity to entrapment spells by webs spells, cast web once a day, plus 2 fort against spiders (14,000 gp)

Food rations. 5gp worth (10 rations)

Armor bracer ( 3 armor base +5 enchaments = +8 to AC), +10 hide and move silently checks

Ring of resistance +3 9000gp

Earring of listening +5 to listen 2,500

Languages Known





Drow Sighn