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A Birth Chart, also called Natal Chart, shows the positions of the planets, sun and moon at the time of your birth. My birth chart system will calculate your personal Natal Chart and get you will recieve the actual chart with a complete explanation of what each planetary position means.
For best accuracy, you need to enter the date of birth (DOB), time of birth (TOB) and place of birth (POB). The system will then calculate your Natal Chart, this will give you a full interpretation of your personality.
The birth chart will show you some very important data which you should never forget. You are most likely to know your Sun sign already. The Sun sign is the most general information in your horoscope. However you should make special note of your ascendant (Asc), also called rising sign. Never forget your rising sign as it give you more in-depth information about yourself. The Moon sign is also important as it reflects your emotions and intuitive side of your nature. In the Old Astrology, the Moon sign was a lot more important as the more general Sun sign.
The Natal Chart will tell you about your personality, and a look into the future. If you want your Natal (Birth) Chart send me your "Exact information", via E-Mail, I charge a small fee of $10.00 per chart and that includes a completely written reading of your chart. Or you can send the information and $10.00 to the listed address below. I will send you your chart and the reading to you through your E-mail address so don't forget to include it. Or it can be sent regular mail.
This is a great gift idea for loved ones who just had a baby! It will give the parents an idea of what the child will grow up to be like.

"Copy" everything inbetween the braided bars,
then "Paste" into the email, and fill it out.
I will send you an Email conferming your information.


  • Name_____________________________

  • Address_____________________________


  • Phone #_____________________________

  • E-Mail___________________________


  • Month_____Day_____Year______

  • Hour_____Minutes______pm or am


  • City____________________State_______

  • Major City_______________________

    Please include the closest major City near where you were born.

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