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4-17-06 Manabozho, Onatah, Tawa, Pawa, Hotamintanio (Anasazi), Pele (Kahunas), Tezcatlipoca (Coati) and Damballah (Loa) new entries after moving from Geocities to Angelfire

4-18-06 Shiva, Kali, Mitra (Devas), Dagda, Leir, Lady of the Lake (Danaans) added as well as a file for the god heads called Council Elite

4-19-06 The Fates added to the Olympian gods and Heimdall, Sif, Njord, Tyr, Loki, Nanna, Sigyn, Hela and the Norns added to Asgardians

4-20-06 Eriskegal, Lilith (Anunnaki), Quetzalcoatl (Coati), Jason, Theseus (Superheroes) added as well as a file called Creature Features for mythological beasts

4-21-06 The Muses, Hermes, Charon, Hecate, Cupid, Furies and Hippolyta added to Olympians

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5-8-06 Helios, Selene (Olympians), Frey, Freya, Skadi (Asgardians) added

5-15-06 Hades (Olympian), Bragi, Idunn, Lofn (Asgardians), Osiris, Isis (Egypt), Asherah (Mesopotamian) and Hino (Native American) added 

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7-1-06 Varuna/Ormazd and Ravanna/Ahriman added to the Hindu Gods

7-23-06 Martu added to the Anunnaki; a FAQ page added

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12-25-06 Anansi and Sagbata added to the Loa

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4-25-07 Atar, Brahma, Ganehsa, Hanuman, Indra, Lakshmi, Parvati, Skanda, Tvashtri, Vishnu and Yama added to the Devas (Hindu Gods).

5-30-07 Reformatted Main Page and the Olympian Gods page; Updated Iris (Olympian Gods)

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7-25-08 Added Cronus, Theia/Thia and the Titans to the Olympians (and offer my apologies to DC Comics if I got anything wrong in their tradition of haphazard style of story-telling non-continuity!)

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