Adamantium: an artificially created alloy of iron that is the most impervious substance found on Earth

afterlife: a higher plane of existence attained after the soul or astral body has departed the body, usually equated with Elysium or "heaven" in Judeo-Christian religion

alternate earth: a world resembling earth which co-exists with earth in dimensional space

android: an artificial being designed to resemble and mimic the form of a human being

anti-matter: matter composed of particles that have the opposite electrical charge as ordinary matter

apparition: the image of a person or event being repeated through time through energies trapped in the environment, also called a "place memory"

astral body: the sheath or form that contains the life essence of a living being's  consciousness, spirit or soul

astral projection: the ability to project one's astral body from one's physical self

bionic: of or having to do with an artificial simulation of a living thing or part of a living thing

clairvoyance: the ability to perceive things beyond the use of the five senses

cyborg: a cybernetic organism

Darkforce: an unknown form of extra-dimensional energy that manifests as a non-reflective highly opaque, black substance

demigod: a humanoid being possessing almost godlike attributes, but was probably not worshipped. A demigod may be the off-spring of a god and a human being

demon: a godlike being whose form and functions have degenerated that it preys upon the living in someway

Deviant: a member of an evolutionary off-shoot of humanity created through experiments performed by the alien Celestials, possessing no standard genetic physical characteristics other than a basically humanoid form. Deviants tend to look monstrous.

dimension: a universe or realm containing space, time, matter and energy

divergent earth: an alternate reality which has remained identical to the known timeline up until a random change in a major event, resulting in a parallel timeline, also referred to as an alterniverse

elemental: of or belonging to the aspects of earth, wood, fire and water

Eternal: a member of an evolutionary off-shoot of humanity created through experiments by the alien Celestials, possessing extraordinary life spans and a vast array of physical and energy manipulative power

extra-dimensional: a person or object belonging to a dimension other than that of Earth

extra-terrestrial: a person or object belonging to another planet within the Earth's universe

ghost: the astral body of a person who has died

god: a being or entity which has been worshipped as a deity by other beings; generally used to represent a member of the Immortal race

Homo magii: an evolutionary off-shoot of humanity naturally born with innate mystical powers, i.e Samantha Stephens

Homo mermanus: an evolutionary off-shoot of humanity who possesses gills and dwells under water, i.e. Namor the Submariner

hyper-space: a realm of space existing outside of conventional space, also called sub-space or warp-space

Immortal: any of a race of humanoid beings with a longer lifespan and greater physical powers than human beings, whose kinsmen or self was once worshipped by human beings

incubus: a male demonic being or force that predates upon women

levitation: the psionic or magical ability to screen the physical body from gravity and thus raise off the ground

light speed: the speed at which light moves (185,676 miles per hour)

limbo: a generic term for various dimensions characterized by static or unchanging physical features. True Limbo exists beyond the known timestream.

magic: the art, science and practice of utilizing certain unknown energies outside the electro-magnetic spectrum

medium: a psychic bridging the link between the world of the living and the spirit world (afterlife) 

metamorph: a being or organism with the ability to change or alter its form; also called a polymorph

microverse: a parallel universe that may be reached from earth by reducing one's mass to a certain point: thereby creating a nexus. They were once thought as erroneously existing within the atoms of our universe.

multiverse: a group of alternate realities or universes that are related, also sometimes referred to as an omniverse 

mutagenic: something capable of making cellular-level changes in an organism

mutant: a being born with physical characteristics not possessed by either of its parents

mutate: a being who acquires a physical characteristic by benevolent mutation from exposure to a mutagenic source

mystic: a person or object whose abilities or nature is derived from magic


mystic: a person or objects whose abilities or nature is derived from magic

mystical: of or belonging to the art of magic

Negative Zone: an anti-matter universe discovered by Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic)

nexus: a point in one dimension through which access to other dimensions may be made

Omnium: a steel alloy stronger than Titanium but weaker than Adamantium

pantheon: a tribe, race or clan of gods of common origins

parallel world: a world that exists in another dimension whose reality never diverged but is parallel to that of Earth

paranormal: of or belonging to objects and forces beyond normal reality

pocket dimension: a universe of limited spatial size

poltergeist: psychic or supernatural energies which result in psychokinetic behavior or activities; sometimes erroneously confused with ghosts and sprits  

precognition: the ability to psionicly scan various alternate futures to predict or estimate which one is likely to manifest or occur

premonition: psychic images of future events or happenings 

psionic: pertaining to the mental manipulation of hypothetical subatomic particles called psions

psychic: a person with extra sensory perception, such as clairvoyance or precognition

psychokinesis: the psionic ability to mentally affects laws of probability, usually confused with telekinesis

psychometry: the psionic ability of reading the history of an object by handling or coming in contact with it

Pym Particles: theoretical particles discovered by Dr. Henry Pym that enables size-changing and shunting and accruing of mass extra-dimensionally

radar senses: an extrasensory means of perception whereby the brain generates electromagnetic waves that bounce off objects and returns to the brain 

reincarnation: the action or belief of souls or consciousnesses being reborn in new bodies through time

robot: a mechanical being capable of simulating certain human abilities

sťance: a mystical ritual, usually of two or more people, for contacting the spirits of the dead 

sentient: the ability for rational and conscious thought as well as self-awareness

shape-shifter: a mystical being with the ability to take on the guises and appearances of other living things

sorcerer: a person who has acquired full mastery of sorcery or the mystical arts

Subterraneans: any of the evolutionary off-shoots of humanity who have adapted to living beneath the surface of the earth

succubus: a female demonic being or force that predates upon men

superhero: a generic term used by the tabloids such as the Daily Bugle or the Daily Planet to refer to any of a type of costumed adventurers regardless if they have superhuman powers or not 

superhuman: skills, attributes or powers that are outside the parameters of normal human beings

supernatural: any object or force beyond the balance of nature

super-villain: a generic term used by the tabloids such as the Daily Bugle or the Daily Planet to refer to any of a type of costumed criminals regardless if they have superhuman powers or not 

telekinesis: the psionic ability to move or manipulate matter without psionicly touching it 

telepathy: the psionic ability to send and/or receive thoughts from the minds of other living things

teleportation: the psionic or mystical ability to transport one's self or other matter from one point in space to another point in space without having physically traversed that distance

time-line: the events of a particular reality that define its history

time-travel: the ability to scientifically or mystically depart the timestream and re-entering it another point

unstable molecules: a configuration of unknown atomic nuclei and electrons discovered or synthesized by Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic) which responds to physical changes around it

vampire: a humanoid being that subsists on the blood of other living things, preferably human beings, created from a spell in the Darkhold

Vibranium: a precious extraterrestrial ore from meteor deposits in Wakanda capable of absorbing vibrations

werewolf: a human being who can transform into a wolf or humanoid wolf through mystical means

witch: a person who has acquired mastery of the mystical arts through the religion of Witchcraft; often used erroneously by members of the Homo magii race when referring to their own race

wizard: a generic term for certain sorcerers who have attained extreme mystical potential

zombie: the animated body of a person who has died, either through mystical, supernatural or chemical means 

Adapted from the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Master Edition