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It has always struck me how much names lend weight to things. I was born Jennifer Kristen Beers on July 16th, 1986. Throughout my life I have gone by many names; Jenni, Honey Bunny, Jen, Sweetpea, Monkeybear, Dork, Sreeb, Samantha, Rhea, and finally Jenna. But behind all of these other names, I have always been just good old Jennifer. All my life I have been searching for something. Whether it be the love of a person who could help to complete my soul; the advice of a teacher, a mentor, or a guide; or a parent, I have always been looking. This webpage is about my journeys. I have chosen several different subjects upon which to write, each very important to my life; and though these things may not be of any importance to others, they may be. Thus, we will begin out adventures together...

My Favorite Web Sites

My Religious Journey
My Ethical Journey
My Journey of Challenges