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My gift to you....

My amazing baby..

Come visit..:)

My beautiful baby..
My site..:)

My gift to you.. My utmost respect of who you are.. My everlasting admiration of who you have become.. My heart wrapped ever so tightly in your hands.. My loyalty and devotion to what we now call "Us".. My body which is yours and yours alone.. ...and last but never the least.. My undying and unconditional love.. I love you Laura..More than words can ever say... Ask me why this smile on my face has never waned Look into my eyes and ask why they twinkle Feel my skin warm and soft and ask why it tingles Feel my heart and ask why it pounds so Brush your lips against mine and ask why I melt Smile at me that beautiful smile and ask why I blush Look my way and ask why I hide my loving grin Whisper to me You love me and ask why I cant speak If you ask me all this, and look into my heart.. You'll see the answer is "You" I smile because of you, I laugh because of you, I am speechless because of you, I shiver because of you And most of all I love... because of you. And what I love the most is you.. I love you All my love... ~*C*~
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