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Our Mission:
The The Miami Valley Sports Foundation (MVSF) is determined to give the Miami Valley youth the tools to succeed on the field of athletic competition as well as in the classroom. MVSF is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit charity which helps the youth in our community reach their athletic and academic potential while fostering leadership, self-confidence, teamwork, and sportsmanship.

What we do:
Working hand-in-hand, athletics and academics can open doors which otherwise would be closed to many young people. We at the MVSF do all we can to create these opportunities. This process has started with the creation of highly competitive softball teams for youth ages 18 and under. Playing under the name Miami Valley Express, these teams are comprised of the top players in the area. They face some of the best competition in the nation, bringing high exposure and interest from collegiate programs. In the near future, facilities with training stations will be created to keep skills sharpened in a wide variety of sports. The MVSF will expand to include up to 18 Junior Olympic Sports and will sponsor tournaments and clinics to help keep our youth involved in the sports of his or her choice.

The MVSF facilitates college scholarships for our student athletes by networking with coaches and providing assistance to our athletes in "marketing themselves." We want our young people to take a proactive approach to being recruited, and we show them how to do it.

Most importantly, the MVSF stresses the importance of academic performance. We not only want Miami Valley youths to gain college scholarships; we want them to keep them. We also don't want our athletes lose a prospective scholarship because of poor grades. Therefore, intense SAT help sessions will be offered in the winter to increase the test scores of the athletes. The program will be free if the athlete attends all of the sessions.