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Two youths of murdering taxi-driver

Two youths yesterday appeared in court accused of killing Deonarine Sukhdeo, a taxi-driver whose decomposing body was discovered on the Linden/Soesdyke High-way almost a week ago.

Two brothers are also accused of harbouring the two murder accused at their home following the alleged murder.

Daywan Kawal, called `Avinash', 19, of Third Street, Grove, East Bank Demerara and Bert Lancaster, called `Moses', of Water Street, Bagotstown, EBD were not required to plead to the indictable charge of murder while Robert and Rolston Bharrat, age 28 and 29 respectively, both of Kallicharran Sand Road, Soesdyke were not required to plead to the joint charge of aiding and abetting.

Kawal was additionally charged with break and enter and larceny. He was also not required to plead to the charge.

They were all remanded to prison by Magistrate Melissa Robertson-Ogle.

It is alleged that Kawal and Lancaster murdered Sukhdeo on April 19 and on the same day the other two accused willingly and knowingly aided and abetted Kawal and Lancaster.

Additionally, it is alleged that between March 18 and 19 at Diamond, EBD, Kawal broke and entered the storeroom of Takhurdin Kalloo and stole one welding plant, five concrete block moulds, one tool kit with tools and one cord, together valued $216,000.

The facts surrounding the case are that Sukhdeo who operated his car from the Diamond Housing Scheme entrance disappeared on April 19. Upon investigation family members learnt that Sukhdeo had picked up two persons and a baby to go to Kuru Kururu on the Soesdyke-Linden Highway. Despite searches by family members and reports at the police station the missing taxi-driver was not found.

The family later received information that Sukhdeo's car had been stuck in the sand at Kuru Kururu and a woman in a 4x4 vehicle assisted him in removing it.

Persons believed to be Sukhdeo's kidnappers called family members on April 21 and demanded a ransom of $500,000.

The demand proved unsuccessful and on April 25 around 10 pm the police discovered Sukhdeo's decomposing body at Fourth Creek, Laluni. His car was found earlier a few miles from his body.

The four accused were subsequently arrested following investigations.

Robert who is known as `Baggie' is a welder and father of three children. His brother Rolston, called `Bonsie', is a mechanic.

Lancaster told the court that he is a block builder while Kawal stated his occupation as a labourer.

The Bharrat brothers were represented by attorney-at-law Paul Fung-a-Fat while Parmanand Mohanlall appeared for Lancaster. Kawal was unrepresented.

During the court proceedings the mother of the deceased along with other relatives could be seen with tears streaming down their cheeks.

The matters will continue on June 1.