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Campbellville bakery bandit shot

ONE of three men involved in a robbery, at a Campbellville, Georgetown bakery, was shot by Police, another arrested and a third escaped early yesterday morning.

QUICK RESPONSE: Police at the scene of the Campbellville bakery robbery yesterday

Police said Sherwin Devonish, called `Black Chinee’, 21, of Norton Street, Lodge, also in the city, was shot when he was confronted in an abandoned building near Nedd’s Uplift Bakery, minutes after the place had been robbed.

Berbice River Bridge

Devonish underwent surgery, for gunshot wounds to both legs, immediately on arrival at Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) and was under armed guard at the institution where his condition is reported as stable.

Mrs. Parbattie `Babsie’ Nedd, 67, proprietor of the Garnett and Middleton Streets bakery, said the shot man was an employee of hers.

Recounting her harrowing experience that left her shaken and bleeding from the nose and mouth, she said it began around 06:30 h.

Nedd said Devonish used his access to her home to allow accomplices into the business place and, after locking the door to it, grabbed her by the neck and manhandled her.

She said he threw her to the floor and one of the other two men, armed with a gun, pointed it to her head and demanded that she take them to the upper flat of the building for money and jewellery.

One man was then left guarding her while the other two tried to get into the upper flat.

The woman said the heist was aborted, at that stage, after a female employee who was present unknown to the trio, ran through a rear entrance and alerted her son next door.

Nedd said the men, becoming aware of people responding to the alarm, fled.

But the man who was guarding her was apprehended by relatives and public-spirited persons while fleeing and held until Police arrived.

The third bandit with the gun was still being sought at press time.

Police said it was significant to note that the robbery was carried out with the involvement of an employee of the establishment, who apparently gained employment there specifically to arrange the robbery.

Saturday, October 20, 2007