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Corbin concerned over Ramsarup's appointment as Customs head

PNCR Leader Robert Corbin has expressed grave concern over the appointment of Chabilall Ramsarup as Commissioner of Customs and Trade Administration (CTA) in the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA).

"While all the facts are not yet available to him he saw no advertisement by the GRA to fill such an important vacancy in the country," a PNCR release said yesterday.

The GRA last week announced that Ramsarup will be taking his place at the helm of the Customs agency from tomorrow.

According to the release, Corbin knows that substantive commissioner Lambert Marks' deputy, Ms Ingrid Griffith was acting in that position for nearly two years, during the time that Marks was off.

"She has more than 20 years service with the Custom Department and is properly qualified. So one is left to wonder on what basis someone who has no experience in CTA has been fostered in that position than other members of staff in the Custom and Trade Administration," the release quotes Corbin as saying.

It said that while Corbin has great respect for the distinguished service of Ramsarup in the military and elsewhere, "the issue has nothing to do with him personally; the issue is justice and fair play in the GRA."

The release said Corbin has received reports of discriminatory practices at the GRA and this most recent announcement seems to confirm that these reports are valid or that there is an attempt of continued political interference in the work of the GRA.

The PNCR will be investigating this matter fully and will make a formal statement at a later date, the release said.