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Sophia lad was murdered, sexually molested

J By KNews | Filed Under News 

Police are treating the death of seven-year-old Dacwaun Sutherland as a murder, after a post mortem conducted yesterday revealed that he was sodomised and probably submerged in a canal until he drowned.
Police sources said that the autopsy showed that for the child, who lived at ‘C’ Field, Sophia, death was due to drowning compounded by compression injury to the neck.
The post mortem was done by Government Pathologist Dr. Nehaul Singh at the Georgetown Public Hospital mortuary.

Dead 7 year-old Dacwaun Sutherland

Up to late yesterday evening, detectives were scouring the ‘B’ Field area where the victim was found but were still to detain anyone.
From all indications, the lad was slain in broad daylight and his mother, Zon Parks, is convinced that someone saw her son’s killer (s).
“Someone had to see something. I am asking anyone with information to come forward because I need justice. I still hope that the truth will be revealed.”
Dacwaun was Ms. Parks’s only child, and the woman said that she had always kept a close eye on him. But on Wednesday, she decided to send him home alone with some perishables that she had bought at Stabroek Market.
Ms. Parks, who is a security guard, said that she last saw her son alive around 13:00 hrs, when he came to her worksite at Sophia to have lunch.
She then gave him some meat to take home, with instructions that he return to her post.
He never returned, and when night fell,
Ms. Parks made a report to the Turkeyen Police station but continued her search into the night.
The following day, the child’s body, clad only in his briefs, was found in a canal in ‘C’ Field, Sophia.
Persons in the area who spoke to this newspaper said that the child was last seen alive some time after 17:00 hours on Wednesday.
One woman said that she saw the boy around 13:30 hours with two water bottles in his hand. Another woman said some time after 16:00 hours on Wednesday she noticed the two water bottles floating in the canal.