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Evaluation Due: April 11, 2006

After completing the Webquest, you need to choose one of the projects listed below. Remember that each assignment should be typed, 12 pt font, double-spaced, and in Times New Roman.

       A two- page essay on the Underground Railroad. What was the Underground Railroad? Who used it? When did they use it? Why did they use it? If you chose to write this essay, remember that you need an introduction, body and conclusion.


       A two- page essay on music. What types of music did the slaves sing? What did they sing about? What messages did the music carry? Why was music an important part of the culture? Again, if you chose to write an essay, remember that it must include an introduction, body and conclusion.


       A brochure. You can make a brochure advertising the Underground Railroad to possible runaway slaves. The brochure must have pictures and accurate information in your own words. This may be completed by hand or with Microsoft Publisher on a computer in the classroom.


       Journal entry. Imagine that you are a runaway slave who has finally arrived safely in Canada. You know how to read and write and you decide to write about your experiences as you escaped from the South so that people in the future would know about your journey. The journal must have at least four entries of a 1/2 page or more in length and should include an accurate description of the Underground Railroad.


       Create another chapter after the final chapter to explain what has happened to Sarny. Your chapter must reflect the voice of the author and realities of the time period. It should be a minimum of 2 pages.


       Create a twenty slide long PowerPoint about the about music, the Underground Railroad, or slavery. Be sure to use text and pictures to teach your audience about one of these subjects.