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Evolution vs. Creationism

Man from apes?
Garden of Eden?
Where did humans come from?
These questions have boggled people for years.
There are two theories about the origin of man:
Evolution (Scientific Theory) and Creationism (Religious Theory)


The School Board is trying to decide which theory should be taught in schools. Each theory has its own pros and cons and needs to be evaluated before a decision can be made. A debate will be taking place at the next School Board meeting to help decide which theory will be taught in schools.
PA Academic Standards


You have been chosen to participate in this very important event. Before you can be in a debate you need to do some research to help back up your position. Your class will be split into three groups.
Group 1
Pro-Evolution: trying to persuade people to choose Evolution
Group 2
Pro-Creationism: trying to persuade people to choose Creationism
Group 3
School Board Members: responsible for asking the questions of the groups