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This shell script creates a sheet with screen captures from a movie.




  1. Download and put it somewhere into your $PATH (e.g. /usr/local/bin).
  2. Make the file executable: chmod a+x


Type --help to get a short description of the program:
Usage: [OPTIONS] <filename of the movie>
 -o, --offset <start in seconds>           Start capturing here (default: 0).
 -e, --end <end in seconds>                End capturing here (default: length of the movie). Specifying a negative ends capturing an movielength-value.
 -i, --interval <time between screencaps>  Interval between screencaps (default: 30).
 -n, --number <number of screencaps>       Specify how many screencaps should be taken. This overwrites -i.
 -s, --scale <scale factor>                Scale the screencaps by this factor (default: no scaling).

 -c, --crop <crop-spec>                    Crop the images using Imagemagick. See Imagemagick (1) details.
 -a, --autocrop                            Trim the picture's edges via an simple heuristic.
 -p, --prefix <prefix>                     Prefix of the screencaps (default: ).
 -x, --no-timestamps                       Don't write timestamps into the screencaps.
 -f, --fontsize <fontsite in pixels>       Default is 24.
 -l, --columns <number of columns>         Number of columns the final picture sheets should have (default: 4).
     --pause                               Wait before composing the final picture. You may modify or delete some of the
                                           screencaps before they are composed into the final image.
     --dont-delete-caps                    Do not delete the screen captures afterwards.
 -h, --help                                Print this message and exit.
 -V, --version                             Print the version and exit.

Work cycle determines which frames are to be captured. For every frame, it
  1. Captures the frame with mplayer, optionaly scaling it.
  2. If requested, the frame is cropped.
  3. A timestamp is added to the picture
After grabbing, the program pauses to enable the user to inspect the screencaps and delete any unwanted pictures. After a keypress, the remaining screen captures are composed into a single sheet.


Make a screendump every 20 second: --interval 20 movie.avi
Make 24 screendumps from the first five minutes of the movie without creating timestamps. Shrink the screendumps to 50% of the original size: --number 24 --end 300 --scale 0.5 --no-timestamps movie.avi
Let's assume our movie looks like this (x = 30 pixels, y = 20 pixels, width = 160 pixels and height = 120 pixels):

To crop the image accordingly, do this: --crop 160x120+30+20 movie.avi
Consult this site for further information.


Everybody loves screenshots (pun intended *g*)! Here's a capture sheet of the trailer of Metal Gear Solid 4, made via -o 20 -e -42 -s 0.35 -f 16 -l 4 -n 24 mgs4_trailer.avi:

MGS4 Trailer


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