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                            What's New?

26th February 2006
I have added a new doll to the website.  Please go to the gallery to see Judy, my 1950's roller skating teen!  She has taken me ages to complete because I had to find her some skates!  I have also added a Sales Room, as EBay seems to be a bit of a bust lately from selling anything.  So if you fancy buying any of my dolls, just e-mail me ;-)

12th February 2006
Today I added my Photo Op II dolls, as they have now been released!  Lupa Kaylia won an Honorable Mention in her category!  
Also, I've started my own Doll Art Club at DeviantART. com.  It is called the Doll Art Disco, so if you have a gallery there and want to join click on the link -

1oth February 2006
Ok, finally got round to updating the website today.  I added my Medusa doll to the gallery and added pages ready for my Mardi Gras dolls, the next Photo Op comp entries ;-)  I have added a few more links to other doll websites on the links page of people that I have met through the yahoo groups I'm in - go check their stuff out too.  I'm also in the process of setting up a club at for doll artists to post their work in.  I'll post all the info here when I've got it up and running.  But for now, go and enjoy Medusa!  She's in Ebay until Monday 13th Feb....

1st January 2006
Today I updated my site with shading behind the text so it's easier to read.  I also updated Brighid welcoming the Yule as I received a certificate for her entry into the Viki's Finds Photo Op competition.  She received 39 points which I think is quite good!  Both Brighid and Stag Centaur are on EBay as we speak with only a day left so go buy them quick!! 

17th December 2005
What's new?  This website for a start!!  I decided that I needed a website just for my OOAK dolls, now that I have started on Barbie re-paints as well, so here it is!  It was also spurred on by the fact that I sold my first doll!!  Yes, Autumn Fairy is on her way to a new home as we speak!  Good Luck Autumn Fairy!!


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