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                           Rerooting Tips

Detailed below is the way that I re-root dolls.  I have gathered this method from looking on various websites for advice, if you want to check these out too, see the links below or in the link section.

You Will Need:
a fashion doll, hair (see suppliers list), a needle with a large eye and sharp point, needle nose pliers, scissors, comb, thimble (to help push through the needle as the head gets fuller)

1.  Begin by cutting the hair of the doll as short as possible.  I do this over a tray so I can gather the hair to throw away and it doesn't go everywhere.

2.  Pull the head off of the body, I've found that this can be difficult with Jem's, give them a bit of a twist and wriggle!  With Barbies it is best to break off the prongs of the neck plug so it is easier to replace the head later.

3.  Pull all of the hair plugs carefully out of the head either from the outside or inside, which ever way they will come out.

4. Now for the re-rooting.  Take a small section of the new hair, look at the hair on other dolls to judge how much.  It shouldn't be too much that it won't go through the eye of the needle, but you don't want it to be too fine or the doll will look a bit thin of hair.

5.  I start at the crown and work around the head in a spiral into the middle.  Thread the hair through the holes already in the head, this may take a bit of pulling ;-)Pull the needle out through the neck and take the hair out of the eye.

6.  Knot the hair on this end as close to the end as possible.  Pull the hair back through the hole until the knot is against the inside of the head and secure.

7.  Repeat this process until you have filled all of the holes or the head is full enough for your liking.  It gets harder as you fill more of the holes because you tend to catch other knots with the needle and depending on the angle of the hole the needle can get caught on the inside of the head.  DO NOT PANIC!  Simply move the needle around until you can get it out the neck hole or pull it right out and try again.


It is fun when you get the knack though!

8.  Once you have finished filling the holes with hair the hair needs to be combed and styled.  You can cut it, perm it (see hair styling section), dye it (see dyeing section), anything you like!  Let your imagination run wild!!


Re-Rooting by Shersdolls
This site describes the method I use, the punch method and how to put streaks and different colours in hair

Re-Rooting by Mauro Marchetti
This illustrated guide came from Barbie Bazzar

The Quick and Dirty Reroot
Method by Carlota, as taught by Bradley Justice and Dianna Romano


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