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                                Hair Styling

I learned these methods from Michael C - Though the dry method is detailed I have found that the wet method stays put better.  It does tend to frizz the ends of the hair though so make sure you have enough to trim it off at then end.

This technique is good if you want to spruce up your curly haired dolls that are looking a bit limp, or is your OOAK needs a bit of poof!

Dry Method

You will need:
Fashion Doll, drinking straws, scissors, hair grips (bobby pins), a plastic food bag (it must not have any holes in it), elastic bands, saucepan of water, hob.

1.  Cut up the drinking straws into lengths.  I've found that you can make nice fat curls with mcdonalds straws, for smaller, tighter curls use thinner straws or coffee stirring sticks.  For ringlets you will need a whole straw with a pipe cleaner inside to secure the hair at either end.

2. Wrap small sections of doll hair around the straw bits like a curler and secure with hair grips.


Alternatively, you can secure the straws to the dolls head by stabbing them in place with pearl ended pins.  If you use this method make sure the pin is in the scalp not the face!

3.  Place the food bag over the head of the doll and secure around the doll's middle with an elastic band.  Water must not be able to get into the bag.

4.  Bring a saucepan of water to the boil.  There must be enough room for the water to rise without overflowing the container as you are going to submerge the doll into the water.  THE WATER MUST BE BOILING.

5.  Place the doll into the water - do not let her head touch the bottom of the pain as it will melt the hair.  Keep the doll in the water for about 1 minute to 1 1/2 minutes.  The less time you leave the doll in the water, the looser the curls will be.  I think I left my Lin-Z in for about 1 minute and her curls are quite loose.

6.  Take the doll out of the water after the desired length of time and dry off the bag.  Remove the bag from the doll.

7.  Carefully remove the straw curlers et voila!  You have a permed dolly!

Wet Method

The wet method is exactly the same except you do not use a bag, you dunk the doll's head into the hot water for 15-30 seconds, then dunk it in cold water to set the style.  There is a danger of frizzing with this method so try it on a junk doll first :-)  You also have to wait for the hair to dry before removing the curlers.


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