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                        Dyeing Doll Hair

This method is not always used by doll artists because there is a fear that the colour will, over time, leak into the vinyl.  However, if you really haven't got the time or the inclination to reroot then dyeing is your next option.

You Will Need:
a fashion doll, acrylic paint in the colour you want the hair to be, a shallow dish, an old comb or toothbrush, a glass jar to keep the paint in, plenty of water, a washing line or somewhere you can hang the doll to dry.

1.  Mix up the paint with lots of water, it should be coloured water when you have finished.  Put a splodge about the size of a 10 pence piece in the bottom of the jar and fill about 3/4 full with water.

2.  Pour the coloured water into the shallow dish.  Fan out the doll's hair into the water.

3.  Dip the comb or toothbrush into the water and brush through the hair.  Continue this until all of the hair is soaked with coloured water.  You may need to touch up the roots with a small brush.

4.  Leave the hair to dry - the doll must be hanging upside down to do this as the dye will stain the face or anywhere on the doll it touches.  It will take the hair a long time to dry out, you must brush it through twice a day until it is dry (about 3 or 4 days).  By combing it the hair will stay soft when dry.

5.  Once the hair is dry the process is complete, however I found that I had to make more than one application to get the colour I wanted.  Keep the coloured water in the jar for this.

I found this process through Carlota.  See her dyed dolls here:
Gonna Dye that Blonde Right Out of Bab's Hair!


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