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Premium: $2,500.00
This includes taxes and miscellaneous fees. Two appealing banners designed for the company, adhering strictly to their desires. Moon Marketing will also publish the two banners on separate commercial vehicles: regular vehicles included in the price. ***Space; NASA associated vehicles cost $20,000.00 more. [This is subject to change]
Single Banner:

This consists of one single banner for the going rate of $1,350.00 for regular vehicle marketing, or $1,250.00 for no supplemental marketing.

This entails a blanket template banner for you to spill your creativity over. The current price is set between $1,200.00-$3,500.00 depending upon the options that you include within your banner's template. *Price will also vary according to regular vehicle marketing vs. space marketing.
Smaller Banners:

Afraid you will overestimate the size of your banner? No worries-try our new SBP (Small Banner Program) that is economical, efficient, and visually appealing for your business needs. One small banner (Half the size of the premade templates) is $550.00. Two small banners is equivalent to $1250.00 WITH regular vehicle marketing (limited time offer!).