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Moon Marketing, Inc.

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Mission Statement:Moon Marketing, Inc. is an established marketing company in Albany, New York that desires to help firms and companies increase their publicity, as well as company awareness. Moon Marketing, Inc. succeeds only through its clients successes and financial growth, so we place our customers at the heart of the company.
Company History

How has the company developed, and where does it plan on going?
Moon Marketing is an audacious business that has penetrated the marketing and advertising field in the United States, enabling businesses to (1)design, (2)review, (3) and establish marketing campaigns through our intermediary programs that we have established throughout the country. The gregarious founders and employees of the company plan to take the campaigns beyond rocket designs. The ornate task is daunting, but the company plans on expanding its marketing plans beyond Earth by 2013. The subsequent plans will be posted around 2011 as they become permanent. M.M. is constantly working to assist its clients by taking the initiative and implementing company goals earlier than previously decided.


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