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Flash apps and Games Section

I am going to upload a few flash files here, mainly dice rollers and such or the proto-hell..... hehe he.

This is a basic dice roller. It rolls all multisided dice..the background is a little weird with the gnome pillar and all...but hey it's free for you to use. Just don't steal my script or tell a "hasbro/TSR/wizard of the coast" conglomorate.

This is a 10 sided dice roller I made for White Wolf's World of Darkness. Not much different, except that it uses a different check box and has stars for the 10 rolls. Oh..and even after Underworld...don't tell White Wolf.

Here is the mysterious Magic 8-ball and it's joke cousin the magic emmo ball. I may make an izzy speak ball soon lol...
Magic8Ball    MagicEmoBall

Okay I promised a few games....

This one was written in GML(game maker language) and it uses directX8 or higher(you should have that, I have to lower resolution a little). It is a 1.55Mb exe file that I rared (you will need's free) and will run on most computers. This is a shooting and dodge "birds eye" view game with tanks..the ending is just a "you won" screen but the gameplay and AI are decent. Not all levels have music so enjoy. If it is liked I will add more levels as a stand alone game. I had to rar the file becuase of angelfires protection policy so right-click and download

This is basicaly "Link with a gun, in side-scrolling mario hell". It is made with Gamemaker, and is a rared exe file for easy download. Press f1 for instructions, the ending is just a "you won" screen but if the game is liked I will add other levels as stand alone games.

This is just a prototype!!!!!!! it is based on a timer system and it has no ending....I was thinking of calling it "bat country"...... it gets out of the window on some browsers so download for best results (we can't stop here, this is bat country!) ctrl-shoot bullet, space-fire missle, arrows move, up arrow jump .ATV

My clocks are here! Everybody has an idea for a clock background, I have a Monster clock and a Miller high life clock here. Just added a Budweiser clock, It's a bottle cap style because the "official" bow-tie clock looks too much like a school clock. Is 3PM yet? Added a star clock for a friend. I had to make a pendulum clock, I used flashes 'Tweening' effect for this so some of you may need to right click the clock and turn down the quality for smoother motion
MonsterClock   Miller High-Life Clock   Budweiser Clock   Star Clock    Pendulum Clock    Celtic Knot Clock

My latest page turner, disturbingly accurate

Here are a few links to some free game sites!, mostly Flash
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