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visor power point

A "Masters Of The Maze" broadcast featuring actor Lorne Berfield

Masters Of The Maze, produced by Kline and Friends and Image Entertainment, was a television game show that aired on the Family Channel (now ABC Family) from 1994 to 1995. The first season was hosted by J. D. Roth, and the second season was hosted by Mario López.

First round (both versions)

Three two-member teams competed. Each team chose one member to play the question and answer format of the game, while the other went offstage. visor plt. At this point, the host showed distorted pictures to the players, each of which became more clear as time progressed. The first player to buzz in and identify the picture won 10 points, and a chance to answer a question about the picture for 5 additional points. The first two teams to reach 50 points won the right to enter the maze, with the first team doing so earning the right to decide who would go into the maze first. After one team reached 50 points, the other teams played out the rest of the round, but without bonus questions.

Before being allowed to enter the maze, the runner was briefed on the maze's layout by the "Lady of the Maze".

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