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We are the Missouri Undertakers. Welcome to our lair.

Right now our group has three members who are also the founders: Sarah, Hannah, and Dennis. We are all close and share a great love for ghost hunting. We look forward to expanding our ghost hunting team and sharing our adventures and experiences with you! Thank you for visiting!

Thank you to the James River Ghost Trackers for this wonderful award!

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On our most recent trip to the Albino Farm, we took along our tape recorder to find evidence that we were not alone. Shortly upon entering the dark woods, it became very evident that we were not alone. We were in there for a total of 45 min., finding several times that we were being followed. There were footsteps that would crunch the leaves behind us, shadows that would move about the old house and over all just a creepy feeling. After our investigation, we left the Albino Farm and found a safe place to evaluate our findings. While listening to the tape in the recorder, it is VERY evident that we were not alone.

Here are the clips of the EVP's we recorded at the Albino Farm. We have decided not to influence what YOU hear by telling you what WE hear. So PLEASE leave us a comment in the guestbook telling us what you think. We would love to know what you hear.





While we all share a passion for ghost hunting, we also respect those we hunt. Please be safe and make sure your team follows a set of rules such as the ones below. Happy Hunting!

Ghost Hunting Tips & Rules

- Get permission before going onto private property or to be in a cemetary after hours.

- Reschedule your ghost hunt if it is going to snow, rain, or if it is foggy. Also check the pollen count because the moisture and pollen can cause anomalies in photos.

- Say a prayer of protection at the beginning of an incestigation or hunt.

- If you have a large group, break up into pairs or smaller groups.

-Carry walkie talkies or cell phones. You never know when you might need them.

-Announce why you are there. Tell the ghosts you would like to take their photo.

-NEVER use drugs or alcohol before or during an investigation or hunt.

- Don't smoke near where you will be investigating. Make a designated spot for smoke. You don't want to photograph smoke and think it is an ecto mist or spirit.

- While trying to recored evps never whisper. Talk in a normal voice. You won't scare the ghosts if you talk and you don't want to mistake a human whisper for a spirit.

- Always use new tape in the recorder.

-Have extra batteries and make sure all equipment is fully charged.

- Wear a watch so you can note times of events.

- Wear clothing suited for the weather and always wear comfortable shoes.

- Don't wear jackets with strings. The strings could get in the way when taking photos and be mistaken for something paranormal, especially if you are shooting downward.

- Don't wear perfume or cologne while ghost hunting. If using an insect repellent make sure it is unscented. Some have noticed scents or smells when there is ghost activity. Perfumes may mask these scents.

-Tie back long hair. When a piece of hair gets in front of the camera lens it will look like a vortex.

- Remove camera straps. Many times straps get in the picture and can be mistaken for a vortex, ecto, moving orb and ghosts.

-Look for things in the way like spider webs, wire, ropes, tree limbs. They can appear on photos as something paranormal when they are in close range of the camera lens.

-Always clean camera lenses. Lint, dust, specks, smudges and fingerprints can look like ecto mist, orbs, and other ghostly anomalies.

-Be aware of the temperature when photographing outdoors or in an unheated building. If it is cold, hold your breath while taking a photo and for several seconds afterward. Remember, if you can see it so can the camera.

- Always know where your fingers are when taking photos. A thumb or finger can appear to be a ghost when caught in front of the lens. It is a big let down to find out it's not paranormal after all.

- Research the location. If you are going ghost hunting after dark, you should check it out during daylight hours. Make note of any dangers such as holes, broken glass, loose boards etc.

-Be objective of your findings. Rule out any natural causes that may have caused anomalies such as insects, lights in the distance, spider webs, and reflections.

-Thank any ghosts that may have posed for your photos.

- Say a closing prayer of protection according to your religious beliefs. We usually say something like "In the name of ____ we command you stay here. Do not follow us"

*The most important tip of all, ALWAYS RESPECT THE DEAD!!*

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