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Text Box: Miracle Centre, is a Bible based Church that desires to minister to all who seek to know God and worship Him in truth and spirit. We welcome anyone, and particularly those from the Indian sub-continent, to join us as we obey God in building a Church that nurtures believers, the Body of Christ, and actively pursues every means of letting the world know the gospel of Jesus.
In addition to regular weekly and monthly activities, the Church also organizes  Special Meetings and Gospel Out-reach Programs that are often led by Pastor and Members of Church. 
It our goal as a Church to do more than our share in solving the spiritual problem in the city. It is our prayer that we shall be a voice in this area and not just an echo. It is our desire to be a bright, shining light in the spiritual darkness of this day.
If you are interested to know more about this please contact Pastor by phone or E-mail. We will make sure we reach you as early as possible.
Contact : 0061-3- 9544 9828 (Resi) 0061 - 410102693 (Mobile)
E-mail :