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Resident Evil: Underworld

The Umbrella Corporation, a pharmaceutical enterprise that makes body and hair products. There is also a product that even most of the workers dont know about, the product is called BioWeapons. They branched out to keep the experiments from the public, this branch off is called White Umbrella. The corporation was trying to make a product that kills aging cells to keep you looking younger. Something went wrong and the product now kills all the cells which then kills the living body then brings back only the skin cells and the brain back to life on humans, this causes people to turn into the living dead. This product is named the Tyrant-virus or T-Virus for short. On animals this has a different effect. When injecting the virus into an animal that is half bird and half bat (Another creation of White Umbrella) you get a giant carnivorous modern concept of a Pterdactyl, these creatures are called Dacs. Another insane form of Bioweapons are Scorps they are a mix between a scorpion and the T-Virus, which then leaves you with a Giant Scorpion with the capability of healing its self as long as it is a small wound and nothing is amputated and if the brain is still intact. It helps when it is being shot at. A Spitter is a reptile form of a goat it has hooves and has scales all over its body, it has the head of a frog. A Hunter is a giant monster created by injecting reptile DNA into a human egg and then the T-Virus injected in to the mixture (The background image). After surviving the umbrella mansion and the Raccoon City out break Leon, John, Claire, Rebecca, and David are fixed on bringing down Umbrella. When they enter the umbrella faculty in Utah a man named Reston or Blue for short spotted them on his camera. Reston is the brains behind one of many White Umbrella Faculties. When they went in the umbrella elevator Reston waited until John and Leon to leave the elevator, The second they did he closed Rebecca, David and Claire into the elevator and released them on to the roof of the faculty where Reston called Umbrella Solders to wait. Then on the floor where Leon and John were, Reston then told an unexpected man named Cole that is only a electrician and does not know what White Umbrella is involved in to act like Reston and lead them into an experimentation that has four phases each phase has an artificial envionment to suite each of the four deadly bioweapons. I think that this book is for Mature readers. It has a lot of graphic discripitons. There is a lot of blood and gore involved in this book. This book is excellent it makes it sound like it is really happening around you and it puts a perfect visual of what is happening. Id give S.D Perry the author of the book every award there is in book writing.