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Investors Against


If your answer is yes, then you are in the right place.

This is a web site dedicated to investors of
Mid-America Oil & Gas,
Mid-America Energy Inc.,
and Gary Milby.

This web site is dedicated to helping individual investors find each other, communicate with each other, and to share stories and experiences.

By joining our e-mail list, you will be able to ask questions, compare information, get support from other investors, and plan strategies.

It has been reported that Gary and Mid-America have moved out of their office in Portland, TN. Also, Gary Milby has moved out of his house in Gallatin, TN.

Click HERE for Venture Research Institute thread on Mid-America.

Click HERE for the Nashville Better Business Bureau's report on Mid-America.

Click HERE for the AZ CONTEMPT OF COURT order against Mid-America & Gary Milby.

Click HERE for the Arizona Republic article on Gary & MTV's Sweet 16 birthday party for his daughter.

*This web site is NOT affiliated with Mid-America Oil & Gas, Mid-America Energy, or Gary Milby in any way. The purpose of this web site is NOT to slander any of the above entities in ANY way. The information contained herein, should be used for research purposes only, and should be thoroughly investigated prior to assuming such is fact. This web site was created as a forum for investors of the above entities to find each other, and to research public information.

This web site is:

Please check back soon for more information!

To join the e-mail list, send a blank e-mail to:

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