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Welcome to my online portfolio!

I have created this web page so that employers may come and find out more about me in order to see if i might be what they are looking for in a job canidate. I hope you all find this site very useful and if I you need anymore information please feel free to call me or email me at the contact info provided. Thank You!!
Contact Me

On my education psge you will find iformation on me from elementary school through college. The things i participated in and the cllasses I took.

On my experience page I will tell you about my work history and what each job I did required and who it was for.
Sections Overview

Here you will find my teaching philosophy, rules, sample lesson plans and alot more. This is where you find out what teaching means to me and what I think teaching is.
"Mrs. Gross's class and I. I worked in here room for a year and it was the most enjoyment I have ever had in a job."
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