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For Sale

1943 Original Stearman



This beautiful old plane is truly owned by the "Little Old Lady from Pasadina", who has never flown it but has flown in it. The plane was inherited from a family member and has been hangered now for over fifteen years and prior to that time it had been in a hanger for the majority of its life. During the past 15 years it has not set out in the sun or weather at all.

About two years ago the owner set about returning it to service. It has new brakes, new tires, a rebuild of its constant speed propeller, is licensed and ready to fly.

While the majority of Stearman engines were 220 horse power, this Stearman is licensed for the 450 HP engine you see mounted.

It has never been 'CUT' to be a crop duster and so is original in all respects. After it was licensed a couple of years ago, a pilot, familiar with flying Stearman's, has made several flights without any problems.

Although painting was considered, it was decided not to have it done, thinking that the buyer will wish to have their own color scheme and paint design.

The photos seen here were taken in front of the NAPA Auto Parts store in Corning, California, where the plane was flown and put on display for a day.

The plane is located in Nothern California and an inspection may be scheduled upon written request (e-mail is fine) by a licensed pilot. A flight demonstration might also be arranged for a serious purchaser with an appropriate deposit.


This beautiful Stearman is being offered for
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