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Peanut Butter and Chocolate

by Mera

“Mmmmm. . .”

Five pairs of eyes turned to look at Xander’s direction.

“Oooh ammm!”

Five different people simultaneously swallowed a lump in their throat. Two brown eyes opened and noticed the attention of the room’s occupants that was directed towards him.

“Um did someone ask me something?” Xander asked, confused as he closed the plastic bag in his lap and placed it in his coat pocket. “Why is everybody staring at me like I have something on my face? Oh God! I don’t have something on my face, do I?” He quickly started checking his face and head for a hellish creature and made sure that everything was intact ~ Coz in Sunnydale you never know! ~ The only thing he felt was a smudge on his bottom lip and he instinctively licked his lips with his moist tongue repeatedly to make sure it was clean, which caused his full lips to glisten.

Willow began running her hand over Tara’s under the research table. While Tara was smoothing her hand over Willow’s hair, both breathing hard. Buffy began fidgeting in her seat and absently bit her lips. Giles was busy cleaning his fogged up glasses. Spike, on the other hand, looked calm and unaffected. But if one would listen closely they’d hear a somewhat sublevel rumbling coming from the vampire’s chest.

Xander, still wrapped up in cleaning himself, rubbed his hand over his mouth, making sure that it was in fact clean. Overlooked by Xander, this action caused his lips to look puffy and just plain kissable.

“Patrol!” Five voices said in union.

Xander frowned. “You guys are really wound up tonight.” He shrugged. “Whatever.” He stood up and headed to the door, where he turned and called, “Um guys? Coming?”

Buffy, Spike, Willow and Tara reluctantly stood. The five friends exited the shop where the two witches suddenly remembered they had some ‘spell’ they needed to do and Buffy exclaimed that Dawn was all alone at the house and that she should check on her. ~ I wonder if Riley’s still awake? ~ she thought as she hurried her pace. That left Spike and Xander to make the nightly rounds themselves, alone.

Inside the Magic Box, Giles sighed and looked towards the back of the shop. He slowly got up and headed for the training room. ~ Buffy always complained that the shower only had cold water, perhaps now it would be of some use ~

Spike and Xander finally reached Xander’s apartment. Finally because Spike spent the night fending off more demons and vampires than he could count. They all seemed to have one thing in common, Xander. ~ But oh did the boy notice? No, he just keeps munching on whatever he has in that bleedin’ bag of his! Moaning like he’s a bitch in heat! ~

Spike snapped out of his thoughts as Xander opened the apartment door. “I think you better come in Spike. I have some blood in the fridge if you want. Some of those demons were really tough.”

Spike rolled his eyes and entered the apartment, closing the door behind him. It wasn’t the first time he had been here. He frequently spent time with the dark haired boy after his ex-demon girl left him to see the world before she croaked. Spike’s eyes flashed, remembering how devastated Xander had been. He blinked. Well, at least Anya kept the place clean! The kitchen looked like some kids had a mud fight in it.

Xander handed Spike a freshly heated mug of blood when he noticed what the vamp was looking at. He directed Spike towards the sofa and they sat down. There, Xander pulled out his mysterious bag and started to munch again.

He shrugged at the messy kitchen and said with a mouth full of cookies, “Ya know eve’y silve’ linin’ has a da’k clo’d o’ somethin’ . . .”

“What in Satan’s name are ya blabbing about?”

“The mess… I made chocolate chip peanut butter cookies and it kinda got messy.”

Spike gave him a look. “Kind of? Mate, it’s a bloody disaster area is what it is!” He gulped down the bad tasting blood to whither down the hard on he got from watching Xander happily munch on the sweet treat and practically attack the defenseless cookies.

~ He would make one fine vampire ~ Spike mused.

Xander swallowed. “Yeah well, I still got out of it with really delicious goodies.”

“Ya know, pet. It’s quite rude to not offer your guest somethin’.” Spike said eyeing Xander hungrily.

Xander hugged the last few survivors. “I did offer you something. Blood. You know, the thing vamps live for?”

“Ya but that doesn’t mean I don’t like a few tasty treats on the side.”

Xander kept on munching obliviously. “Are you saying you want my tasty treat?”

“Are you offering?” Spike leered.

Xander handed Spike a peanut butter and chocolate chip cookie.

Spike looked at it indignantly. “Oi, but you took a bite out of that one!”

“Well it’s the last one!”

Spike pouted. Xander hated it when Spike did that because then he wants to do things to the vampire that a straight twenty-something year old boy shouldn’t even think of doing.

Xander groaned. “Well if you have a taste Spike, I assure you, the second you do you won’t care if it’s been bitten.”

“Are ya offering me a taste luv?”

“Oh for the love of God, have a taste!”

Spike leaned in, bypassing Xander’s outstretched arm with the cookie at the end and instead took a taste directly from Xander’s mouth. His tongue prodded and licked at the peanut butter and chocolate covered lips and found an entryway when Xander gasped in surprise. Spike let his tongue slip in and caressed the warm cavern of Xander’s mouth. That was all what was needed to breach Xander’s defenses and he responded heatedly.

Spike was so entranced by the kiss; he never noticed when Xander got them to their feet and into his bedroom where he pushed him onto the bed. Now Xander had Spike where he'd wanted him for the last several months. Spike was pretty happy to be there as well.

The dark haired boy took the initiative and began undressing the blonde, kissing each portion of revealed skin, licking over his nipples causing them to peak. He reached for Spike’s waist band. By that time, Spike was panting in a way any self-respecting non breathing vamps shouldn’t. His unbeating heart almost shattered when Xander stopped in the course of opening his pants and stormed out of the room. Spike’s heart sank when he thought Xander'd finally came to his senses. ~ Who would wanna fuck a dead thing? ~

“I would.” Xander replied from the doorway. It seemed that Spike said that out loud. “And for your information, you are not dead; you’re undead as in a very gorgeous vampire.”

Spike grinned at that ~ if vamps could blush ~ then raised an eyebrow. “Where did ya run off to then?”

Xander flashed him a blinding smile.

“There were more cookies in the oven!!”

Spike groaned. “Ya gonna eat now!?”

“Nah silly.” Xander waved at him holding up the plate. “They’re a pick me upper. I’m a frail mortal with no vamp stamina and since I intend to go on all night . . .” He let that hang.

Spike smirked. “Good thinking, pet. Now come ‘ere. Ya had something ya left undone.”

Xander grinned, set the plate on the bedside table and approached Spike with a predatory stride before he suddenly jumped him! And for Xander’s luck, or Spike’s depending on how you look at it, the very notorious yet tasty treats lasted them well into the morning.

The End

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