Series: Part of the Missing Scene Series 'MiSS' but is in fact a stand-alone.
Summary/Time Line: Right after "The Gift ". During the run from Glory in Spiral something happened between Spike and Xander that fans had been wondering about for years… this might not shed a lot of 'light' on it… but it's a start!

Thanks to Farah for the quick beta!

How did he get it back?

by Mera

Knock… knock… knock.

No answer.


A low creak of a metal door opening was heard, and then another as it closed. It would have been deadly silence if it weren't for the sound of two feet finding their way on dusty cemented floor. The sound of footsteps stopped for a moment before they changed direction. Not back to where they came from but to a darker corner, if that was even possible, in the room. A few feet from their destination they stopped. Silence reigned again.

The corner could have passed for utter blackness if it weren't for a red tip that glowed brighter from time to time.

A puff of smoke, then a rasping voice, from the smoking or from something else the visitor tried not to think, too much on his mind as it was.

"What brings you to my humble abode?"

A sigh.

"Buffy would've…"


"Dawn's worri…"


"Fine! I wanted to see if this place was gonna get any dustier any time soon, ok?!"

"Didn't know you cared, Harris."

Xander rolled his eyes. He opened his mouth prepared with an unconscious comeback.

"Damn, I'm out of matches." The brunet's comeback was interrupted by strangely emotionless tones. His actions were spontaneous.

"Here." Xander bent, pulled something out of his pocket and lit the bobbing unlit cigarette. Then straightened up and took a couple of steps back.

Spike took a deep drag and sighed. "Thanks, needed that." Then he looked straight into the brown eyes. "Gonna tell me anytime soon why you’re here? Checking up I might add?"

Xander shrugged. "Hey, you're a good fighter, Bu—Dawn trusts you and would be bummed if anything nasty happened to you… like say you decided to tan minus the sunscreen…"

"Yeah… don't get too excited Droopy-boy… ain't gonna leave the Bit… I keep my promises…" The blond head lowered and soft words were spoken unclearly, "Or at least I try to…"

Xander shook his head. He had done what he had to. He checked on the pet vampire and made sure he was still among the blood sucking populace. He wasn't there to comfort a soul-less thing. No matter how miserable he looked. He turned around and started heading out… but before he even got to the middle of the room, he stopped, turned sideways and threw something at Spike.

"Keep it," he said before he dropped a plastic bag with a couple of blood bags sticking out on the sarcophagus in the middle and let himself out, the door closing softly behind him.

Spike lowered the hand that had easily caught the object thrown at him. He opened his fist. What had been revealed was something that caused the vampire's eyes to widen and glance at the closed door, shocked. For in his hand lay his very own silver lighter.

"How did Harris get it?" he asked the dusty empty room with astonishment lacing his words, trying to remember if he ever gave the boy his lighter. "And… why did he keep it?"

That question will forever remain a mystery.

The End

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