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Megalophias His Page - Cotton Titus Ms. Modernized
Cotton Titus A XXV fol.5 r/v Modernized

Originally transcribed by Dr. Eleonora Durban.


Foin - a thrust.
Awk - probably a reverse blow or backward stroke of some kind. "A Nawke" = "an awk".
Robecke - may be equivalent to the rabett in other sources.

There are some odd abbreviations in this one; my best guesses are in brackets.

Strokes of Two-handed Sword

First a round for the waste single with a foin
Also a quarter with a foin. A rake single with a foin.
A double round a double rake with an awk
a quarter and a rake and a wipe with a spring voiding
with the left hand In a quarter with a foin skipping
with a wipe. Then a quarter and break a foin at the right
shoulder with a robecke.

Then the chase First a double round with a back foin
And a fore foin running with a robecke _an_an [and then] rounds
Voiding with a rest a_an [and then] a back foin to the one
A fore foin to the other with a back foin to the foin with a
an awk suying' [falling, following?] and ever the foot the hand the eye and the heart
to accord.

Strokes at the Two-handed Staff

The first point is a flourish about the
Finger. The next flourish is about the hand
And then 3 quarters and a round and
2 rakes and 2 foins 3 quarters closed
_at [that] a round ware him _at [that] arms behind and
then 2 awks for the wrong side and then a foin for him in the other side and the
heart the foot and the eye to accord etc.